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The Scryglass

A Clear Resource for the Occult

Welcome to the Scryglass. This is intended to be a compilation of knowledge concerning the occult and the practices therein. It is my aim to present as much information on the Occult in an organized and serious manner. Here you will find articles concerning many paths of magic and the lore connecting them. You will find instruction, articles, theories, and, most importantly, peers in our line of work. 

I have tried to divide the site into articles which cover a subject. They will give a description, followed by applicable methods and instructions, and then history mixed in with alternate views and personal experience...and perhaps a stray bit of humor. 

I have separated the Art into two categories: Vision and Action. 

Vision contains magic based on perception, such as the sensing of energy, as well as any information which might be useful, such as energy bodies, a bestiary of magickal entities, or a summary of a magickal path. 

Action contains articles on the actual working of magic, the affecting of the occultist's environment, as well as the improvement of the occultist hirself. 

And now, choose one.





Feb. 17, 2009: Basic Spells Guide added to Action Section.
Jan. 26, 2009: Scrying Guide added to Vision Section.
Jan. 26, 2009: Site Created.

*** ARTICLES IN PROGRESS: Energy Work, Astral Projection, Sigil Magick, Daily Excercises, Blood Magick, Basic Psi. ***


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